Friday, 09/19/2014

Won't we hit our own troops?

Yes, but we'll hit theirs as well.


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Thursday, 09/18/2014

If It's Not Scottish, It's Crrrrrap!

Fun to watch the scores, even without a dog in this hunt.  Will the Highlanders show up?


PS--Falkirk went 53-46 NAE, Stirling went 59-40.  Oh, Wallace and Bruce are spinning in their graves.

PPS--Auntie Beeb says NAE.

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Before leaving for my Colby Outdoor Orientation Trip to Mt Katahdin back in '87.


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Ah, the State...

  • overreachesChild Services to Mom Who Did Nothing Wrong: 'Just Don't Let Your Kids Play Outside'
  • underreachesCliven Bundy blames state for faulty fence after woman sues him for interstate cow crash

And now some Katy Perry.


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Thursday Volcanoblogging

Sam can tell his classmates that he was on a stratovolcano, and higher than Mt Mansfield.

Damned government programs, giving people jobs and building stuff that generates local revenues.

We were in the cloud line, which made for an eery Shining feel but no glorious vistas.


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#36pitfire now 30% contained, with a whopping 810 fire fighters battling it (passed their command center last night on the way home from Ericka's bro's house, and it's huge).  We enjoyed a day of blue sky in PDX, this morning I smelled through the bedroom winow that the wind had shifted and once again there's a familiar haze in Estacada.  Planning on a trip up Mt Hood ("A VOLCANO!" shout the kids) to get above the cloud/smoke line to see the vistas.


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Wednesday, 09/17/2014

Lazy Eye

Back to reality, folks.


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Tuesday, 09/16/2014

Date Night

Dumping the kids with grandma.  One hopes we have a good time without them.


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Monday, 09/15/2014


Currently about 8 miles southeast of us according to the forest service.  Hope those target shooters are happy.


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Monday Photobombblogging

Some damned kids kept getting in the way of my shots.

See the big, big fish!

Cheetahs don't look fast when chilling.


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Sunday, 09/14/2014

"It never makes no sense."

Air quality's better now, but the fire's jumped the highway and river, growing to 2000 acres.  Awesome.


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By Nick Flynn:

capt’n this room is on fire
capt’n, this body will not stop burning
capt’n oh my captain this burning has become a body
capt’n oh my captain this child is ash
capt’n oh my captain my hands pass right through her
capt’n oh my captain I don’t know what it is I’m looking at

Still lots of ash floating in the air as the nearby forest fire has expanded to 100 acres.  Reminds me of a scene from Schindler's List.


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Six California Fail

After not getting his Six Californias thingy on the ballot, rich man sez:

“It is yet another example of the dysfunction of the current system and reinforces the need for six fresh, modern governments."

The dream cannot fail, only be failed.


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Saturday, 09/13/2014

Searching For Something To Say

Waiting for the break of day...


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Social Media

Being much more social than I expected, plus allergy meds making me all spacey.  So your blogging expectations can shut up.


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Friday, 09/12/2014

Up On The Roof

I've got a feelin'...


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"Possess your arms with brief and fragile bloom..."

The Flower, The Universe:

This is the time of darkening wind and tide,
The time, O reaper of the sea’s large waste,
Rain-desolate, wave-racked, and ocean-maimed,
To wander out in mist, glad as a bride
To meet the storm’s last ominous sound, the sea-bird’s haste,
To gather like the queen dark Pluto claimed
Against the perilous brink; the flowers so small, so few,
The transient beauty startling and new.

Marya Zaturenska.


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Allergic Reactions

What a way to go.


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